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Batman and Robin are SO gay

German Toilets...

Posted by projectnewt on 2009.07.21 at 20:12

In Germany you have no privacy! See for yourself! =O

Batman and Robin are SO gay

Pondering ones existance...

Posted by projectnewt on 2009.06.22 at 00:49

It dosnt help that the boss is banging on the door telling me to get back to work....

[IAS] Quote - Poop

Good session.

Posted by s0nified on 2009.05.28 at 22:59
Had Pandora playing on the Sublime station, belly full of biscuits and chicken n' dumplins from Cracker Barrel and a boyfriend cheering me on from the living room.

Good times.



Posted by masamichan on 2009.05.27 at 11:42
Hey everyone! I'm glad to see we've got at least a FEW members here. Pooping rocks!


Here I am representing at an Atlanta mall. It was a fairly fierce battle. And I won.

Batman and Robin are SO gay
Posted by projectnewt on 2009.05.10 at 23:57

Work + Bathroom = Rest Time


Hey poop people!

Posted by masamichan on 2009.04.29 at 01:44
Current Location: On the toilet of course!
Current Music: *plop*
Long time fan of pooping! Especially of taking pictures of myself while doing so! I don't have any recent pics, but here's two I gathered from my PhotoBooth. See! I come to this community PREPARED. :D



This is the greatest hobby ever.


Pet Society rules...

Posted by projectnewt on 2009.04.22 at 22:47

Everyone enjoys pooping. Even digital pets. Remember Tamagotchis?

This new pet that poops is brought to you by Facebook and Playfish. The game is called Pet Society. I have been hooked for about 6 months now I think.

This is my pet Lord Humperdink taking a dump in Princess Sofie's house. Charming right?

Nature Lover

Fox is doing his best

Posted by projectnewt on 2009.04.21 at 16:46

Fox eats panties

It starts....

Posted by projectnewt on 2009.04.21 at 16:21

Come one come all! Share your discomfort with the world!

And now, a haiku from Colon Bowell

Floodgates are open.
I'll be stuck here for an hour --
Taco Bell's revenge.